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Super size Mikawa shiro nagura


Super Size Mikawa Shiro Nagura 


A giant and rare piece of botan Mikawa Shiro Nagura that is set up as a bench stone. It

can be used to polish any sort of blade from razors to tools to surgical instruments.


The stamps read from the upper right within a red box: KEN ASANO

(authorized-tested-examined Asano brand). and below that in a black box is stamped

JUN MIKAWA SHIRO NAGURA (pure Mikawa white Nagura).

To the upper left is ink stamped in black TOKKYU JO (super class best), and below

that within a black box BOTAN.


Stones of this size are especially useful in professional shops where a known,

dependable and continuous abrasive source acts as a grit platform, one that a

bladesmith can return to time and again with expected results over a multi year period,

or in this case maybe even a whole career.


I have tested this Nagura with a razor and it is super homogeneous despite the

intricate and colorful pictorial landscape pattern seen on the surface. It is super

smooth and it is lapped but slightly domed in the middle from stern to bow and

starboard to port. There are several ways to use a stone like this including raising a

slurry with another piece of Mikawa Shiro Nagura like a botan or koma or as I also have

used a tomonagura to raise a slurry. This was eye opening to other possibilities. Of

course just clear water will leave the brightest finish.


The shipping cost of these Epic stone is to be paid by the buyers.

Shipping within the USA is by Priority Mail

International shipping is by FED-EX only, no exceptions.

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