Mr. Ishiguro-san was born in 1926 in Yoita-machi, Niigata-ken. Yoita was then the most active blacksmith town in Niigata prefecture. Ishiguro-Keijiro retired as a blacksmith in 1954 and began his second career as a tool wholesaler, a business he proudly continues alongwith his sons today. As a master blacksmith he conceived, forged and named many fine blades and in particular these three blades stand out brightly amongst the others.



This first blade is marked down the center YOSHIYASU and on the left TAMAHAGANE and to
the upper right NYUDO (A historic monks name).

Ishiguro Keijiro created in the 40's Yoshiyashiyasu in honor of the birth of his first son.


A second blade Yoshihisa was created in later in

honor of the birth of his second son.

This blade reads down the center ISHIGUROYOSHIHISA and to the left HIDEN (secret method)JYUKUREN (high quality) and to the right TEIONTEUCHI (low temperature, hand hammered).


Finally Ishiguro-san created a third blade. It reads down the center ISHIGURO KEIJIRO and up to theleft and right SHOHYO (brand) TOROKU (registered)