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Shohonyama Awasedo
marked "Maruari"

Shohonyama Awasedo Toishi

A big beefy deep and brooding iro (colored) tomae of extra large grade 30 proportions. It  is stamped in ink on the top within a circle (maru) the wholesalers
mark Ari (Maru-Ari), and below to the left within a box Tokujo-hin (very best quality)and  below that to the left Hinshitsu Sekinin (quality guaranteed), and to the right center in larger kanji letters Sho-Honyama Awasedo (true original mountain finishing

This is a super fine finishing stone that will hone razors (I have test shaved from this stone) or will sharpen tools to razor sharpness. The variegated pattern is composed of slightly different clay compounds, the grit content is itself is very homogeneous throughout the stone.

One side of this stone have been sanded and the back has been flattened so it sits square on a table top.
The stone (toishi) has been lapped perfectly flat and the corners and edges beveled unless otherwise noted. 

Hardness     5-          with Slurry   5
Grit Fineness      5+

Speed/cutting    5

Size            210-80-38mm

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