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Nakayama Iro Tomae

Nakayama iro tomae


Stamp of the stone has been cut off.


It reads "Shin Honyama", missing some characters from full stamp mark of "Jun-shoshin-honyama".

A superior and beautiful piece of hard deep strata Nakayama in a hand held size and shape. Lapped on both
the front and the back so that the stamps can be preserved. I have honed a Henckels Fridour on this stone and to begin with the feed back was spot on, ultra smooth but with a bite that raised black swarf easily. Finished on clear water with 4 strokes per side and the shave was absolutely perfect.

An iro or colored tomae strata stone, it has shades of yellow, blue, and orange with a fine microscopic pattern or goma or sesame seed black dots scattered here and there.

The stone is thick enough to stand proud above your palm and the missing corner does not intrude because
of the 75mm width.

The stone (toishi) has been lapped flat and the
corners and edges beveled unless otherwise noted. All of mystones come with a tested and appropriately sized tomo naguara.

Hardness          5+++

Grit Fineness     5+++

Speed/Cutting      5+ with clear water

                           5+++ with slurry

Size 176-76-26mm

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