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Nakayama Kiita Stone



Hatanaka Toishi Co. Nakayama Kiita #1150

This stone has a very faint Maruka stamp on the top end, it is barely
visible but it is located and stamped in the same color ink as in another Hatanaka stone  seen as a comparison in on of the photos. All of the stamps match perfectly to those registered with the Kyoto Toishi Union and held by the Hatanaka Company of Kyoto.

The ink stamps on the face of the stone read as follows within the circle:
To the left SHOHYO ( name), to the right TOROKU (registered), and
down the middle JUN SHIN SHO HON YAMA (Pure special chosen
original mounatin)

Below is the circular twin flags HATA-HOSHI logo which reads above
it TOYOKU SHO HYO (registered name)

The kiita stone has excellent conformation with all four corners
although thebackside of the top left corner is missing the lower 1/4 portion of the angle as seen in the photos, and the lower right backside corner has a slightly diminished surface. The topside lower right corner suffers from one nick to the tip of the confluence. The back has a full kawa including the sparkling black mineral element and color areas of ocher, save those above mentioned areas.

The kiita color is the classic dull egg with nashiji patterns which appear somewhat intense because of the slight oxidation that has taken place over the years. The sawn sides of the stone should help to indicate the color values of the yellow. Also seen on the side is a middle strata layer of faint purple sandwiched between the yellow layers. Any and all of the thin mineral filled inclusions on the topside or the sawn sides are benign and not toxic in any way, and will not scratch even the softest steels or irons.

The toishi comes in the original Hatanaka box with the original liner paper stamped HTK alongside the HATA-HOSHI logo of flags.

The box lid reads as follows.
They read from the upper left:SHOHONYAMA-SAN (true mountain made.

To the lower left: KYOTO YAMAZEN SEISEN (Kyoto wholesaler selected)

To the far upper right: YAMASHIRO HONBA (Yamashiro original place).
To the lower right SEIKUTSU-GYO (true mine seller)

Down the center in small kanji: TOROKU SHOHYO (Registered name)

Down the center in large kanji: JUN SHIN SHO HONYAMA AWASEDO
(Pure special chosen original mountain sharpening stone)

Hardness             5++/9++

Grit Fineness        5++/9++

Speed/cutting      5/9,  with slurry 5++/9++

Size                   206-77-36mm
 Weight               3.2 Lb (1.366Kg)

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