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Ogurayama Stone

sold by Hatanaka 



Hatanaka Toishi Co. Ogurayama Iro Tomae #1155

The ink stamps on the face of the stone read as follows within the circle:
Trade Mark, Mining H. HATANAKA Kyoto Japan. And below that to the right within a boarder OGURA AWASE YAMA (Ogura stone mountain), and then an inventory No. 3  which matches the same number on the box.

The toishi comes in the original Hatanaka box with the original lining paper with HTK alongside the HATA-HOSHI logo of flags.

The box lid reads as follows.
They read from the upper left:SHOHONYAMA-SAN (true mountain made.

To the lower left: KYOTO YAMAZEN SEISEN (Kyoto wholesaler selected)

o the far upper right: YAMASHIRO HONBA (Yamashiro original place).
To the lower right SEIKUTSU-GYO (true mine seller)

Down the center in small kanji: TOROKU SHOHYO (Registered name)

Down the center in large kanji: JUN SHIN SHO HONYAMA AWASEDO
(Pure special chosen original mountain sharpening stone) No. 3

Ogura yama (kanji can read Kokura) is located in the Saga area out and beyond Arashiyama and within walking distance of Kyoto.
The mine was closed in the 1950s and was evidently a family business.
This stone is super pure from side to side and front to back and it could be lapped on the back making it a double sided stone which would preserve the stamps. There are no cracks or inclusions but there is a small nick on the topside left edge, and the backside upper left and lower left corners are slightly undercut.
A medium hard stone it can be used with just clear water and it is perfect for knives and critical edged tools. The Hatakana companies reputation was built over many years by supplying only the finest stones.


 Grit Fineness      5++


Speed/cutting  5    5++ with

Size    205-74-42mm
Weight 3 Lb     1.316 Kg

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