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Thick, stubby, flawed fast cutting & fine knife stone. This is not a perfect stone by any means, but if might become one of your best. I have tested this stone with Henckels stainless knives and Friodur razors, Takefu laminated blue steel knives and Japanese    vintage white steel and this stone treated each equally well.

There is one dark filled crack on the back, and an inclusion at one corner, an undercut cut end and the opposite end a missing corner. This is a grit rich stone and akapin soft. A good combo for knives or as a medium stone for razors. 

Price  $320

Hardness 4

Fineness 5-

Cutting speed 5, water only with most steels 

Size 183-74-27mm

Weight  818 gm


#124 Ozaki akapin iromono Knife Stone

Excluding Sales Tax
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