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This is a muscular and dense 4+ Mohs scale bench stone. At 1370 grams, the weight is very noticable and is reflected in the hardness and the extremely fine granular texture of the stone. A deep strata stone judging from the compactness, this suita will represent the Hon Suita Strata that is between the Namito and the Shiro suita layers.

Sized by nature as a bench stone, this awasedo is at it's heart a razor stone that is stupidly large. A multigenerational size stone that will likely never be used up. Grade 25 & 35 sizes are favored by active shops.

There is an nick out of the stone at its base that will only begin to affect its usability at a date in the distant future.


212 x 81 x 32mm   grade 35

1370 grams


#1559 Nakayama iromono Meiji era bench stone

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