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#2101 is a commercial size awasedo, meaning it will provide years of consistant use, for instance, in a professional shop providing a sharpening service, or a blacksmith who uses a formulated steel/iron mix from year to year that works well with this particular.


Iromono are colorful things. Awasedo stones with red-pink tones of any hue suggests a higher than usual iron content, and when a diamond nagura slurry is made, the black swarf is first black, but soon the iron content, as you would guess very turns to red/orange. With this oxidation turns to a dark vermilion. The cutting action is  quick and the grit is very fine. The stone tests out at Mohs 3+, the slurry developes only with some extra effort. 


233 x 82 x 55mm

2468gms = 5lb 7oz.

Excellent shape and confirmation (all corners and straight sides


The mulberry washi paper is japanese and the binder is marine spar varnish.

30day money back return is in effect minus the shipping.




#2101 Narutaki iromono awasedo, huge

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