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#2121 Narutaki is a production size stone sutible in a commercial or busy shop. The stone has a varigated color pattern that includes hints of purple, green, pink on a field of buff along with renge-red spots at the inclusion zone lower left. Looking at the sides and ends when wet there are namazu lines & blotches amongst the hand sawn textures of 100 year old workmanship.

A lifetime of grit for the hobbist or a career for a professional.

I tested this stone with a variety of steel knives, chisels and especially straight razors in order to determine compatibility, the key to production. Not all steels work on all stones. I found that this stone was able to easily hone the following list of razors from a 1,000 grit (King) bevel set to shave ready the following razors.

Brian Brown, Tim Zowada (timahagane), vintage Wade & Butcher, Gold Dollar, Kikuhide, Towa, Friodur 415 and their stainless 451.


I sell all of my stones with a money back guarantee minus the return shipping. This is a necessity because each stone must be tested with your own steels for their value in your shop.


This might sound corny, but; your wish is my command. I did not create these wonders, it is my pleasure to use them and it is my wish that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase.


210 x 80 x 52mm thick

2175 grams


#2121 Narutaki giant iromono bench stone

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All of my stones are sold with a money-back guarantee minus the return shipping if within 30 days of the sale and returned in their original state. Please do not lacquer the stone if you have any intention of returning it.

    I encourage sealing the sides of all sedimentary stones, especially if there a inclusions, cracks, or fissures and or if the stone is used in an active workshop where the stone is constantly wet. For casual use, sealing, especially all four sides, and preferably the back with one of either a marine type of spar varnish, a synthetic lacquer, urushi, or a cashew-derived lacquer is prudent.

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