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Giant-Pure lifetime kiita koppa odd shaped Nakayama Kiita. This kiita would be perfect in a professional shop. It has dozens of years of the best grit money can buy.

Bright yellow when wet, it is a nook stone with kawa on 5 out of 6 surfaces: back, sides and ends that is typical when awasedo is taken from a crevice in the mine geology. I have found no alternate or toxic grit in this stone.

It will sharpen to razor keeness knives as well as tool steel. Not all steels are affected but a great many will. If you have any particular blade you would like me to test on this stone, send it to me and I will run it through the paces.

200mm long, 42 to 60mm wide, 38mm thick.

#214 Nakayama High-Grande Kiita Koppa

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