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#2155   ON HOLD

Tenjyou suita from one of the close-in Honyama mines of Umegahata valley, this stone has a distinct patch of yellow namazu and is chock full of a nashiji pattern of tiny to medium size pear skin spots. There is a sparce and uniquely fine "su" pattern of ancient gas voids.

This is a razor hone hiding in a tool or knife size format. I did just today shave with a Henckels Friodur #451 honed on this stone and the HHT results were 5+ with the hair held ant 3/4 an inch, and the shave was single pass smooth and close. Effortless.

I have also tuned up a hand forged blue steel Japanese Deba on this stone as you can see in the photo. First with just clear water, great cutting action, then with a tomonagura slurry, fast to faster leaving an excellent contrast between the hard steel and soft iron.


From the Air Raid Shelter hoard, all of these stones possess hand sawn sides and ends with hand shaped backs, markers of pre-Taisho and likely Meiji Era working practices. These stones are a touch softer than the middle 20th Century diggings. Easy and a Joy to use, guaranteed.

All of my stones, even the smallest or least expensive come with a tested tomonagura, and a money back guarantee minus the return shipping.


#2155 @

195 x 77 x 25mm thick

Hardness    9+   equal to  5+

Fineness    10     equal to 5++

Speed        9++  equal to 5+ with slurry

                  9                to 5 with clear water


Price $

Full money back guarantee minus the return shipping

#2155 Air Raid Shelter Hoard Tenjyo knife stone w/nomazu

Excluding Sales Tax
  • I am happy to work with the professional crafts person as well as individual hobbyists.

    JapanStones is a mom and pop company. We only want happy customers, and with this in mind please read the following.


    I offer a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the return shipping for all of my stones unless a stone is noted as an "As Is Stone" within the Product Description. These so called As Is Stones are pre-priced at a discount as a flawed stone.


    I,  Alex Gilmore the seller, will accept the return of any stone, and will refund for any stone without question although be for-warned that for "As Is" stones there will be a "restocking fee" equal to but not above the actual initial shipping cost (the cost which I incurred) will be deducted from the refund. The average shipping cost is $8 for domestic, $35 for international  USPS Small Flat Rate Box.


    All shipping from California to the purchaser within the USA is Free unless other wise noted within the below policy details.

    All smaller stones (equal to or less than 170x75x15mm wide) are shipped USPS International for Free.


    Larger and expensive stones are shipped Free Shipping by Medium Flat Rate USPS within the USA.


    Larger and Expensive stones shipped International are by FedEx International - with a cost sharing plan of 50/50 between buyer and seller.

    Please check with Alex on any and all issues if in doubt before purchasing.

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