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This stone is On Reserve Hold.   


Iro (colored) Tomae strata stone from the Nakayama mine.

Amazingly pure from front to back, end to end and side to side, with a faint cloudy pattern, an indicator of the best of the Honyama mines. There is a bold patch of jet black kawa skin that sparkles in the sun as individual crystals that is an indicator of the Nakayama mine. This stone is ultra pure and fine, and but whispers as a blade is drawn upon it. Elegance comes to mind.

I have honed razors and sharpened knives on this stone with equally satisfying results. Very fast cutting it will bring a qualtiy knife to a razor keenness.


From the Air Raid Shelter hoard, this particular stone has sweeping tabeki hand sawn sides and ends with hand chisled back. Taisho and just as likely Meiji Era, could easily been mine in the Edo Period. These stones are a touch softer than the middle 20th Century diggings. Easy and a Joy to use, guaranteed.

All of my stones, even the smallest or least expensive come with a tested tomonagura, and a money back guarantee minus the return shipping.



208 x 78 x 32mm thick

Hardness    9+   equal to  5+

Fineness    10+     equal to 5+++

Speed        9++  equal to 5+ with slurry

                  9+                to 5 with clear water


Price $1800

Full money back guarantee minus the return shipping

#2156 Nakayama iro tomae Air Raid Shelter stone

Excluding Sales Tax
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