#23 from Shobudani has a foggy green complexion and it is a joy to use. Ultra fast and ultra fine, it provided me with a "wake up" keen edge. The edge was crip and the cutting particles are also. Using a diamond nagura or the included tomonagura this stone is easy to use for razors or the finest plane blades or chisels. There are really no detractors regarding this stone.

Mounted on a gloss black wooden base, here is a lifetime of asagi quality.


Price $550

203 x 75 x 26mm thick

Hardness    9++

Speed        10-

Fineness     9+++

#23 Beefy Shobudani green tomae, razor grade

  • All of my stones come with a tested tomonagura, and a 4week money back guarantee. Free Shipping for stones over $300,

    Also if you are in the San Francisco Bay area I do have an Open Sharpening Toishi Dojo if you would like to stop by and learn about sharpening by trying and comparing stones one to the other. Bring your tools and razors.

  • 10" x 4" x 3" including dai