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#196 Ozuku asagi.

This massive bench stone has hints of blue and green. Wonderfully fine and fast it is a bench stone by nature of its size. From one of the shallower early 20th century layers of the mine structure, it is not overly hard like the modern plain gray Ozuku that are designated as razor stones. I have tested this stone on modern blue and white steels and each were cut equally well. It will be accompanied by a appropriately large lifetime tomo nagura.

Over-seas shipping pricing quote upon request. It will require a Medium Size Priority Flat Rate Box. Free Shipping within the USA

Price $

211 x 80 x 35mm thick

Weight 1434 grams

Hardness    5

Cutting Speed 5+-

Fineness     5+

#196 massive Ozuku tomae, old school

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All of my stones come with a tested tomonagura, and a 4week money back guarantee. Free Shipping for stones over $300,

    Also if you are in the San Francisco Bay area I do have an Open Sharpening Toishi Dojo if you would like to stop by and learn about sharpening by trying and comparing stones one to the other. Bring your tools and razors.

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