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#5 Dark Tomae is well suited for knives as it is a fast cutting and fine enought for sushi but not for shaving. I have honed a razor with this stone and it would be best used as a pre-finisher, but for knives as the last stone. With the use of the tomonagura (included) it is very fast and makes bevel work easier. The stone is attached to a painted wooden base. I am not sure which mine this stone came from.



Price $160


170 x 52 to 60 x 28mm thick

Hardness    8

Speed        8 to 9+with slurry

Fineness    8+

#5 Dark tomae bench stone

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All of my stones come with a tested tomonagura, and a 4week money back guarantee. Free Shipping for stones over $300,

    Also if you are in the San Francisco Bay area I do have an Open Shapening Dojo if you would like to stop by and learn about shapening by trying and comparing stones one to the other.

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