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Narutaki tomae from the shallow Hachimai layer. The cutting high speed of this stone takes any strain out of honing a wide long knife. Super fast and nearing shave keenness this is also a full size thick stone. It has a faint sumigashi ink on water pattern and when wet assumes a green cast. Will fit any stone holder and or the hand chased chisel back will sit flat on a table, A true tool knife size is will tame blue and white steel and is beautifully adaptible to stainless.


Size 204-76-33mm

weight 1170 grams

hardness 4+

speed 5 to 5++ with tomo slurry

fineness 5- to 5 with tomo slurry


Price $

#925 Narutaki Hachimai layer knife/tool toishi

Excluding Sales Tax
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