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Ohira tomae bench stone from the Johana Collection. 

206 x 76 x 36mm thick-1418 grams.

A classic Ohira large and perfectly formed with all corners and edges, hand chiseled back, no inclusions. A stone for tools or knives or any other tempered steel blades.

It is ink stamped and reads center right (Ohira Kozan Awase Toishi), Ippon-sen (middle left), Sanju-kata (right low), meaning 30grade.

A matching tested tomonagura is included. 



#800 Classic, large Ohira tomae bench stone

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All of my stones are sold with a money-back guarantee minus the return shipping if within 30 days of the sale and returned in their original state. Please do not lacquer the stone if you have any intention of returning it.

    I encourage sealing the sides of all sedimentary stones, especially if there a inclusions, cracks, or fissures and or if the stone is used in an active workshop where the stone is constantly wet. For casual use, sealing, especially all four sides, and preferably the back with one of either a marine type of spar varnish, a synthetic lacquer, urushi, or a cashew-derived lacquer is prudent.

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