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This Shobudani is dense, hefty, and rings like a bell when tapped with a mallet. Hosting a graphic quilted kawa skin on the back that is typical of tones from Shobudani. There are a few ultra-thin (100 to 200 micron wide) threads of solid infill minerals that do not affect hard blade tool steel in any way and are hard to spot with the naked eye. I will money back guarantee that this stone will last a lifetime of sharpening. An appropriately sized (big) tomonagura will be included that is slightly softer than the base stones media.

I have test-honed knives, plane blades, chisel steel, and several razors on this stone. All steels bow down to one degree or another. This stone is large enough to build a quiver of tools around its usefulness.

Mohs 5- hardness

1372 grams


Free Shipping within the USA

30day Money Back Guarantee 

#914 Classic Shobudani Asagi bench stone

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