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The lay of the strata dictates many things and the width is one of them. This Shinden awasedo has kawa skin on the back proving that it is right-side up, while the width of the stone suggestes it was a from a wide nook in the mine. The miners take what they can get.

A beautiful stone that when wet, comes to life when the abrasive matrix swells to meet the steel of your blade. A level Mohs 3 or Jnat 4 hardness rating, the slurry is crisp and fast cutting.

160mm long x 98mm wide x 20 thick it weighs 716 grams.


All of my stones are sold with a money back guarantee minus the retury shipping. A tested compatible tomonaguar slurry stone is included.

#928 Shinden iromo Extra Wide awasedo

Excluding Sales Tax
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