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When dry it is green/gray, when wet it is black. Mohs 3 to 3+ hardess. A definate razor grade stone that will sharpen knives to razor sharp. I honed and shaved with: Kikuhide 1050 (Rockwell 63) steel, vintage E. Colline (Rockwell) 60, and Friodur INOX (Rockwell) 58, and each razor honed up easily to HH5.

192x72x24mm thick. There is a non-toxic inclusion seen in the photos above that assends 3mm below the top surface, there are white non-toxic speckles throught-out. All corners are square, back is table flat, it can fit into a stone holder or handheld. Comes with the tested 52gm tomo nagura in the photos. When tapped with a mallet the stone rings true.

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Please check out my book (Japanese Sharpening Stone Heaven-Narutaki Awasedo)

Ozaki Awasedo #219 razor or knife hone

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