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A wonderful versitle kiita that will work with a wide range of steel. It is sized as a kamidori razor stone but with some skill it can be used for honing western razors too.

Weighing 250 grams, it is 160x50x9to15mm thick.

The right edge is thicker than the left edge. Even at these thicknesses this stone will provide years of service. There is a thin trace of Kawa skin on the back of the stone.


I suggest that it should be mounted on a wooden dai in order to make is easier to handle.

A tested and matched tomonagura will be included with the base stone.

The modest value of this stone is a reflection of its size and shape, while the utility of the stones is based on the stones grit finness and its ability to easily cut and polish steel. You will be surprised at how quickly black iron swarf will develop as the cutting action progresses. 

Nakayama Kiita #205

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