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#208 Narutaki Iro Colored Tomae

This very modest piece of colored tomae is perfect as a small
knife hone or a pre-finishing stone for razors. It could also be used, and
I have tested it as such, as a luxury tomonagura. It is hard enough to
encourage slurry out of most base stones, and is fine enough to lend
a helping hand in edge formations. Modestly priced based on size, thinness
and lack of pazazz in the cutting speed department.

The stone (toishi) has been lapped flat and the
corners and edges beveled unless otherwise noted. All of my
stones come with a tested and appropriately sized tomonaguara
slurry stone, and a money back guarantee minus the return shipping.


Hardness            9++

Particle Size        9+

Speed/Cutting    7++ to  9 with slurry





No.208 Narutaki Iro Tomae

SKU: 0003
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Size  138-78-13mm 

  • Every single stone I sell comes
    with a full money back guarantee
    minus the return shipping, I am
    happy to work with the
    professional crafts person as well
    as individual hobbyists.

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