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#52 Shobudani Uchigumori iro-mono colored stone.

This stone has a complicated pattern of darker rust red blotches against a ligher but intense yellow back ground base. Not the finest stone but it could be used as a prefinishing stone. It is grit rich and it does cut very well and I suggest for razors as a handheld stone that it be mounted on a wooden block so it sits a little bit higher off the palm of your hand. It will be shipped with a piece of Odori nagura which is a similar stone to the Mikawa botan slurry stone.

Size 197-57-12mm thick

Hardness 4+

Fineness 4++

Speed 4 to 5- with slurry

Weight 316g 11oz

Price $

No.52 Uchigumori Koppa

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 197-57-12mm

  • Every single stone I sell comes with a full money back guarantee minus the return shipping, I am happy to work with the professional crafts person as well as individual hobbyists.

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