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Nakayama narrow tomae #712

This narrow stone can take a razor from bevel set to shave ready if you use
a slurry to clear water method, no problem. It is only moderately hard and
the grit is super fine. As a hand held or a bench stone it is perfect for X
strokes or for focusing in on a problem area of and edge. The brown yaki
areas are not toxic in anyway and there are no inclusions.

The toishi has been lapped perfectly flat, the sides dressed and the corners
and edges beveled unless otherwise noted.  All of my stones come with a
money back guarantee minus the shipping.


Hardness              9

Particle Size          9+

Speed/Cutting      8 to 9+ with slurry

No.712 Nakayama Narrow Tomae

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Size 195-45-38mm

  • Every single stone I sell comes with a full money back guarantee
    minus the return shipping, I am happy to work with the professional crafts person as well as individual hobbyists.

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