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Nakayama rare suita #720Nakayama suita with a kan pattern of darker minerals and a sparselysprinkled black goma sesame pin point size spots. The darker kan andthe goma pattern around this stone are not toxic and will not harm ablade in any way, they add charm but do not aid is honing either. Nakayamasuita stones are rare and I just stumbled into a hoard of these koppasizes. I have shaved off this as a hand held stone and it created whilefollowing a 1,000 grit King and excellent and highly refined edge thatshaved not only smooth but comfortable.The skin on the back of this stone just screams Nakayama is one ofthe best examples of Nakayama kawa that I have seen in many years.The stone (toishi) has been lapped perfectly flat and the corners andedges beveled unless otherwise noted. All of my stones come with amoney back guarantee minus the return shipping. This stone will beshipped with a tested tomonagura slurry stone.


Particle Size9++

Speed/Cutting8+ to9+++with slurry

138-82-20Size in mm

Price $340           1027 grams

No.720 Nakayama

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Size 138-82-20mm

    1027 grams

  • Every single stone I sell comes with a full money back guarantee minus the return shipping, I am happy to work with the professional crafts person as well as individual hobbyists.

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