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Tanaka Shogo

Tanaka Shogo, son of Goroji was born 1930, passed away in
2002. He was the second generation kanna maker in the Tanaka Yoita clan. Shogo was known for using scientific methods in his production in conjuction with the traditional methods learned from his father. Takaka Shogo's blades were know for their sharpness.

Tanaka Goroji was born in Yoita, Niigata Prefecture sometime in the early years of the 20th century the blade pictured was made by him in the 1940's or 1950's. There is not very much information about this blacksmith now but his son also was a smith in Yoita.


Aoi Sakon, hand forged by Tanaka Goroji circa 1940's-1950's is marked down the center AOI SAKON (reference to historical figure or samuri), and marked to the left GORO KINSEI (made by Goro) and to the upper right is the makers logo.


Aoi Masanobu, Higashi-no-ronin


Nidaime(Second) Hidari-kunihide, Higashi-no-ronin


Back side of Hidari-Kuniide blade

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