Usui Kengo

Usui Kanna w/ Box


Blade Front

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Sub blade

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This kanna bladewas forged by
Usui Kengo/Akie.

The main blade is marked down the center KENMEI (healthy & bright) and to the left KONSHIN SAKU (made with heart & soul).
At the upper right is the blacksmiths caligraphic signature.

The back of the blade reads USUI AKIE KENGO SAKU (made by Usui Kengo & Akie).

The box is marked down the center KENMEI, and to the left USUI
KENGO AKIE SAKU and to the upper right KYUKYOKU
KONSHIN (with very best efforts).

Impressed into the front end grain of the dai is the seal ofINOMOTO the dai-ya of Sanjo.

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