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Harukasumi Kanna

Vintage Japanese 70mm kanna.

This kanna blade is marked Haru Kasumi and was made by Ishiguro of Yoita, Niigata Prefecture in the 1950s. It is NEW/OLD stock that has not been used
but has instead just sat as dead storage since the 1960s in a closed up store.

The blade was made using Japanese white paper high carbon steel and soft harder.

Haru Kasumi translates as "spring shimmering light". The blacksmiths logo is at the upper right on the blade. There is a small patch of oxidation generated from
the blade sitting in the wood dai while in storage, but this area is mostly out of the cutting area and will not affect the performance of the blade in any way.
The blades will need to be tapped out flattened and sharpened to the owners specifications.

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