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Sakura-buncho Kanna

Vintage Japanese Plane

Sakura-buncho Hira Kanna 70mm
Traditional Japanese kanna plane

1970’s – 80’s

Standard Sun-hachi size

It comes with a matching cardboard box, dai & cloth bag
Blade size width is 2 3/4” (70mm) over all,  with 2 3/8” (62mm) wide cutting edge, and 4 3/8” (112mm) long
Blade is marked Sakura-buncho with NO. 457937
“Sakura-buncho” is a fictitious brand name ; it means a kind of bird, java sparrow
Sub blade is 2 3/8” (62mm) x 2 1/8”(55mm), marked also Sakura-buncho
This is a new old stock in storage for many years
The main blade is in very good condition but the sub blade showing some rust stain from being stored for many years
The dai has a paper sticker marked Sakura-buncho, hand made, touryou kanna (professional carpenter’s plane)
Red oak dai
It measures 3 3/8” x 10 5/8” x 1 1/2"
A set comes with a matching cloth bag with logo, Sakura-buncho
Dai needs to be adjusted to be used as a plane

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