Dear Stone Gurus and Stone Guys & Gals.

It is always good to hear from you so please do not hesitate to keep in touch.


Although I have pulled the For Sale stones on my site for the time being, the stones previously sold will remain online as an archives for those who had bought one of them in the past as a reference source for you.  I still have a shop full of hundreds of stones but from now I will only be working with a few of those interested parties who are able to come by my shop in Sonoma to test them out. I would rather work hands-on, side by side with a few fellows on sharpening technique with matched stones in mind to suit their needs then to just deal the stones out as fast as I can list them on this site. In the meanwhile I will continue with writing my book about these marvelous natural beauties, where they came from and how to use them. That is pretty much the way it stands for now. I will certainly be going to Japan this next year 2021 for more research, and likely to buy stones too, but for now I will mainly be relaxing and enjoying my grandchildren.

I wish every single one of you out there, the best wishes for a new year. 

Alex Gilmore